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Metro Vancouver is spoiled for choice for summer activities. There are so many great things to see and do outside that it is almost impossible to fit everything in. Roller coasters and watersides are top of our kids' lists, so we're thrilled to have Destination Cultus only an hour drive from Vancouver!  What we love about both the Cultus Lake Water Park and the Cultus Lake Adventure Park is that they hold true to their promise to offer a safe, clean place for family fun. That is hard to find nowadays and as parents we really appreciate it!

The Waterpark offers something for everyone, from thrill-seekers to tiny tots. And we love that the Adventure Park has an open gate policy so you can come in for free, pay for a few rides or buy wristbands to stay for hours. This also means that parents can smile and wave for free taking endless shots of their kids going around on the frog hopper! And did you know that mini golf is now INCLUDED with the all access wristband?!!

So how do you choose whether to go to the Waterpark or the Adventure Park? That's the best don't have to choose. We've visited with our families and have the low down on visiting both parks even if you've got only one day!



If you only have one day, here's how to do both parks like a pro:

First, pick your day. You'll find that weekdays are quieter at both parks, and that there are deals to be had.

Next, measure your kids' heights so that you can manage their expectations of what they will be able to ride alone or with you. See the break down of Adventure Park rides by heights HERE.

Start at the Waterpark at 9:30 am sharp. You will want to have sunscreen already applied 30 minutes before so your kids are ready to hit the ground running.

Make sure to keep your ticket so you can use the Adventure Park coupon later in the day!

Line-ups for popular rides are much shorter at opening, so you can go straight to the good stuff! Then as the park get busier, you have already ticked the top choices off the list.

Bring a picnic or grab some food at the concessions so that you can keep energy levels up. Healthy choices and lots of water will keep sugar spikes to a minimum. You are already dealing with sun and excitement, we don't need to add sugar crashes to the mix!

Since you arrived early and hit all the favourites first, you may be ready to head over to the Adventure Park right after lunch - good thing it's right across the street, so you won't need to move your car!


Use your coupon on the back of your Waterpark ticket for a $15 all-access wristband at the Adventure Park!

Before you let the kids (and kids at heart) loose on the Adventure Park rides, set up a safety meeting spot. The Park is beautifully themed which makes it easy to pick a recognisable spot for kids to go to if they lose you. There are always lots of attendants around as well, so point them out to your kids as their go-to adults.  We chose the Donkey since our kids are older now.

Next discuss your exit plan...this is where the hand stamps come in.  We always remind the kids that we are doing as many rides as they want, then we are having an ice cream treat right before we go home. When you return to your car parked in the Waterpark lot, you may get pleas for one more slide. This is when you can be the hero and go back into the Waterpark using the hand stamp for re-entry, for one more slide before the drive home. Parents for the WIN!

If you need a recommendation for an easy dinner after an amazing day, ae absolutely love the pizza at Beethoven's Pizza kitty-corner to both the Adventure Park and the Waterpark.

And if you can, stay overnight in Cultus at a local hotel or one of the many campgrounds. Add some beach time into the mix - Cultus lake is beautiful and has many family-friendly beach areas.

For more information about Destination Cultus, visit them online at

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