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As parents, we focus on our children's sleep from the minute they're born. Are they getting enough sleep? Is it at the right times? How can they sleep more? Our own needs get put on the back burner and it feels like we may never sleep again. Then they eventually start sleeping through the night. Fast forward again, and school mornings & extracurricular demands have led to exhausted parents again. It took a pandemic, but our team finally admitted we need to focus on prioritizing our OWN sleep to lower our stress and improve our family's quality of life!

Putting these 5 sleep habits in place over the past few months has been a game-changer:

  • Be strict with your own bedtime, which means doing some seriously adulting!
  • Bedtime means bedtime - no scrolling allowed (set a 30-minute reminder on your phone)
  • Lower your caffeine & alcohol intake - for us, this means no caffeine after lunch & no wine during the week
  • Fit exercise into your day - even a 15-20 minute walk can have a huge impact on quality sleep
  • Invest in your sleep with a new mattress - a good night's sleep is more affordable than you'd think!

Two of our team members recently tested out 2 different mattresses to address different sleep needs - the Juno value foam and the Brunswick classic hybrid. They agree that ordering, delivery & set-up were a breeze, and they'd recommend these mattresses to anyone wanting to upgrade their family's sleep while supporting a Canadian company!


    What Angela had to say: "The Juno by has been a game-changer for my OWN sleep in my daughter's bedroom. We still read books together at bedtime, and I often fall asleep there next to her right in the middle of a story. She loves having me there, so she never wakes me up herself, and until we recently upgraded to the Juno mattress, I would find myself waking up in the middle of the night very stiff and store all over. But since we switched to the Juno mattress, I can actually sleep comfortably next to her for many hours. I love that the Juno starts at just $329 for the twin size we needed, and includes a 120-night sleep trial, 15-year warranty, and free shipping & returns. My daughter and I are usually hot at night time, but the Juno's breathable gel memory foam helps us stay cool and comfy all night long, and the high-density support form allows for great motion isolation, so I don't wake her up anymore when I slip out in the middle of the night. Highly recommend the Juno as the best value mattress!"


    What Kay had to say: "Support + comfort...sounds like a metaphor for life right?! This is what we were looking for when we chose the Brunswick by Our kiddo is into his teenage years now and it's time to take care of our own sleep. Until recently, my husband and I had been in the same double bed for over 15 years and our sleep has been getting worse over the years. We are an adventure sports family and very active in mountain biking, rock climbing, Ironman races, and trail running, all of which can leave our spirits high but our bodies very sore. When we looked into the mattresses (all made in Canada, exclusively for Canadians!), the medium-firm Brunswick immediately jumped out as offering what we needed. Soft but supportive - this is EXACTLY how we would describe it. We have never slept better! We previously thought that we had different "tastes" in mattresses - him always wanting a firm mattress to support his back, and me wanting something a little softer to cushion my tired muscles. We have been together for 30 years and have NEVER agreed on a mattress before the Brunswick. We are falling asleep faster, sleeping deeper, and waking up easier since night one. Our only issue is that we have to share the bed with our sweet pup who loves it too!"

    One of the bonuses of purchasing a mattress is the fact that they never restock or resell returned mattresses! Instead, they pay it forward to our community by donating returned mattresses to a local charitable organization whenever possible. And if municipal or provincial regulations prevent them from doing so, they have trusted recycling partners who come and pick up the returned mattress. (Yes, their mattresses are fully recyclable!). How cool is that?! provided the Juno and Brunswick mattresses to Healthy Family Living Vancouver.
    All opinions are those of the authors.

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