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Music can be expressed and enjoyed in so many different ways, and you can find a class to fit any style! We've shared our favourite types of music classes for kids of all ages, in and around Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, and Sea-to-Sky Corridor!

A musical education has wide ranging benefits, affecting everything from language and social development, to fine motor skills, and academic abilities. It has been demonstrated that music and math are highly intertwined. In mastering beat, rhythm, and melodies, children learn how to divide, create fractions, and recognize patterns. 

kids vocal lesson

Kids of all ages can sing their hearts out in classes with settings that range from a choir or band, to individual vocal lessons. Pick your favourite music genre and get ready to channel your inner diva!

children's dance programs

Grab your dancing shoes and get ready to boogie the night away! Types of dance classes are limited only by your imagination; ranging from ballet to hip hop to contemporary and beyond. They may be parent participation, recreational, or competitive! These programs are a great mix of activity and creativity that will keep every kid engaged.

kids Instrument Lessons

Instrument lessons for kids are as varied as the instruments themselves! Some individual lessons can start as young as 3 or 4 years old, while other instruments - and band lessons typically are offered to older elementary school aged kids.  Visiting a local music store and trying a variety of instruments is a fun way to spark an interest and help your kids decide on the right instrument for them.

musical theatre classes for kids

If your child has a hard time choosing just one style of music class, then musical theatre may be for them. Typically a combination of acting, singing, and dancing, they are a whirlwind of action for kids of all ages. These energetic programs explore a variety of musical genres, and the whole family will enjoy the end of year performances!

Music classes for Babies

Get ready for a serious dose of adorable! Babies and toddlers are naturally curious about music, which makes for a super fun class. Formats vary, but usually include singing, dancing, and exploring with musical instruments that are friendly for small fingers and curious mouths. They often introduce a variety of musical genres and cultures, while also including your little one's favourite songs! Naturally, these classes are strictly parent-participation.

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