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As we wrap up a school year of uncertainty & stress for lots of kids - including more screen time than many are used to - summer offers a great opportunity to be un-scheduled, low-stress, and wild. And nature is the key!

Creativity, nature, and play are the inherent rights of every child. Learning happens everywhere, and it happens best when children are immersed in authentic environments and situations. And Saplings Outdoor Program summer camps for kids aged 3-12 in Vancouver, West Vancouver, and Lions Bay offer just this! 

The main purpose of the Saplings Outdoor Program is to provide children with an opportunity to connect with nature in a safe & enjoyable way. Nature is a child’s best education and promotes the unhurried, healthy unfolding of childhood. They offer licensed full-day preschool, after-school programs, a new K-4 Learning Centre in North Vancouver, plus incredible summer day camps for the adventurous, creative, nature-loving child!

Each day at Saplings Outdoor Program summer camp is a little bit different.

Nature-based activities include fort and shelter-making competitions, fairy house building, nature art, and even creating your own bow and arrow! Kids will play classic childhood games such as survival, manhunt, and capture the flag, hike to beautiful secret spots, and still have plenty of free time to explore their own interests and enjoy the wonders around them. Get ready for a week packed full of exploration, adventure, and play!

Saplings Outdoor Program summer camps at Douglas Woodward Park, Hay Park, and Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver are currently full for this summer, as are their summer camps in Pemberton Heights in North Vancouver. But they're expecting to add more camps & open up extra spots for those locations very soon, so click HERE to add yourself to the waiting list.  And they do currently have a few spots available for summer camps at their Everett Crowley Park location in Vancouver, as well as their Lions Bay location. Register online today!

The Saplings team believes that nature is a child’s best education. They believe that fostering a child’s sense of wonder for the great outdoors by facilitating inspirational, stimulating, and hands-on experiences promotes lifelong learning and interest in the outdoors. The goal is to foster compassion and empathy by increased awareness of and connection to the natural world.

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