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Attention all dog parents in Metro Vancouver! If you're on the hunt for the perfect spot to let your beloved furry companion run free, socialize, and release some energy, then look no further than the array of dog parks scattered across our lively city. From expansive green spaces to picturesque waterfront trails, Metro Vancouver boasts a wealth of options for both dogs and their human friends to enjoy. Let's leash up and sniff out some of the top dog parks in the region! We have pulled together our top 25 local dog parks in Burnaby, CoquitlamRichmond,  Surrey, Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver!

Remember, with great freedom comes great responsibility. Always be sure to follow posted rules and regulations, clean up after your dog, and respect the space and safety of other park users. By doing so, we can all ensure that Metro Vancouver's dog parks remain welcoming and enjoyable for years to come.


  1. Pick up and dispose of your dog's waste.
  2. Have a valid license for your dog.
  3. Have dogs on-leash at all times outside of designated off-leash areas.
  4. Have a good recall on your dog. Shouting “He’s friendly" or “She just wants to play”  from 100 yards away is not an excuse for badly behaved dogs.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and let the tail-wagging adventures begin!



Find more info on Burnaby Dog Park rules & schedules here. 

Buntzen Lake - Anmore

Discover Buntzen Lake, a nature lover's paradise. Located in Anmore, this scenic destination offers trails and stunning lake views for you and your pup to enjoy. With designated off-leash areas, it's ideal for adventurous dogs.

Barnet Marine Park 

Unwind at Barnet Marine Park, nestled along the shores of Burrard Inlet. This park features walking trails and beach access, providing a serene setting for off-leash fun with your furry friend.


    Find more info on Coquitlam Dog Park rules & schedules here.

    Glen Park

    Glen Park off leash dog area has a fenced natural area with large trees and separate sections for large or small dogs. The site can be accessed from either Westwood or Pipeline streets, with parking available off Westwood Street.

    Ridge Park

    The forested trails offer scenic views through the trees, with a portion dedicated for off-leash dogs.

    Mundy Park

    Fenced, off-leash dog park on the west side of Mariner Way in the hydro right-of-way, south of the Chilko Drive parking area. This site has a dedicated fenced area for large dogs and a separate similar fenced area for small dogs. Access to the fenced areas is managed by a double gate system. The site is approximately a 3- to 5-minute walk from the Chilko parking area along an asphalt pathway.


    Find more info on North Vancouver Dog Park  rules & schedules here.

    Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve

    For those seeking a more rugged outdoor experience, look no further than the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve. With its rugged terrain, dense forests, and network of trails winding through pristine wilderness, this expansive park offers a true escape from the city, allowing dogs to unleash their inner explorer and reconnect with nature.

    Inter River Park

    Your cool oasis, just moments away from downtown Vancouver awaits at Inter River Park! Located north of the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge this park is very dog-friendly with lots of off-leash areas. Explore its many trails, some leading to Lynn Canyon Park. Enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility. Dogs can roam freely and make new friends. So grab your leash and head to Inter River Park for a refreshing escape from the city hustle.

    Lynn Headwaters Regional Park

    Explore Lynn Headwaters Regional Park, a wilderness oasis in North Vancouver. This vast park offers hiking trails and pristine natural beauty, making it the perfect destination for outdoor adventures with your pup. Please respect on-leash & off-leash areas.


        Find more info on Richmond Dog Park rules & schedules here.

        McDonald Beach Dog Park 

        Discover McDonald Beach Dog Park, Richmond's top canine destination! Dogs enjoy the long stretch of beach along the Fraser River, trails, fields, and lots of playmates. The sparkling river is perfect for splashing and chasing. Whether basking in the sun or taking a dip, McDonald Beach Dog Park offers something for every canine adventurer.


        Find more info on SurreyDog Park rules & schedules here.

        Clayton Dog Off-Leash Park

        Clayton Dog Off-Leash Park was the first dog park in Surrey to be fully fenced with separate large and small dog areas. The park features a total enclosed area of 1.25 hectares (3 acres), making it one of the largest off-leash areas in the City. The enclosed areas feature grass fields, forest and bushes, paved perimeter paths, benches, and a water fountain for dogs. Parking is available off 188 Street.

        Freedom Dog Park

        Freedom Dog Park lives up to its name, providing over 1.25 hectares (3 acres) of open space for your dog to run free. The park provides a balanced terrain with lots of grass and open gravel areas as well as a looping trail through the forest. Most of the park is fenced, but keep an eye on your dog because there are some areas without fencing. Note that this park offers the same area for dogs of different sizes.

        Wills Brook Park

        At  Wills Brook Park you'll  find a 1.2-acre off-leash area for dogs, with access from 160 Street, as well as Mountain View Drive via the forest trail. Note that this park offers the same area for dogs of different sizes.

        Tynehead Regional Park

        Tynehead Regianal Park offers 2.5 hectare (6 acre) dog off-leash area, accessible from the 168 Street parking lot, or a connecting pathway from the 96 Avenue (hatchery) parking lot.  If you live in Fraser Heights, you can also access the off-leash area from the Tynehead pedestrian overpass which crosses Hwy 1 at 168 Street. The Tynehead dog off-leash area offers a range of open space for open running and play, as well as a 750m off-leash pathway ideal for jogging with your dog. There are some on-leash paths that connect with the off-leash area, so keep an eye out for signs which indicate when to get the leash on.



        Find more info on Vancouver Dog Park rules & schedules here.

        Stanley Park Off-Leash Area

        Located in the heart of the picturesque Stanley Park, this spacious off-leash paradise is a must-visit for devoted dog parents looking to treat their furry companions to a day of excitement and adventure. Boasting vast stretches of vibrant green landscapes, meandering pathways, and a special spot for water-loving pooches to splash around, Stanley Park offers a doggy wonderland. Join the pack of locals and visitors who have made this enchanting destination their go-to urban retreat for their beloved pups.

        John Henry Trout Lake Dog Park

        East Vancouver's Trout Lake Dog Beach is a popular spot for furry friends and their owners to enjoy the outdoors. Nestled next to the picturesque Trout Lake, this off-leash dog area offers a sandy beach where dogs can run, swim, and play freely. The surrounding park provides ample space for picnics, walks, and relaxation, making it a favorite destination for both locals and visitors. With stunning views of the North Shore mountains and a welcoming community atmosphere, Trout Lake Dog Beach is the perfect place to spend a sunny day with your four-legged companion.

        Pacific Spirit Dog Park

        Tucked away on the western edge of Vancouver, Pacific Spirit Regional Park boasts miles of scenic trails and lush forested areas for dogs to explore. With its tranquil atmosphere and diverse terrain, this expansive park offers endless opportunities for adventure, whether you're hiking, jogging, or simply enjoying a leisurely stroll with your four-legged friend by your side.

        Hadden Park Dog Park 

        Situated along the picturesque shores of Kitsilano Beach, Hadden Park Off-Leash Dog Area provides a prime waterfront location for dogs to stretch their legs and take in the sights and sounds of the bustling beach scene. With its stunning views of English Bay and the North Shore mountains, this popular off-leash area offers a unique blend of urban excitement and natural beauty.

        Charleson Dog Park

        Enjoy Off-Leash Fun at Charleson Park's Expansive Area! Dog lovers flock to Charleson for its sprawling off-leash zone, where playful pups can roam freely. With stunning views of False Creek, a scenic seawall location, and an aquatic area featuring a waterfall (just remember, the nearby duck pond is off-limits for dogs and requires leashes), it's no wonder this park is a top pick. Off-leash hours for the grassy bowl are from 6 am to 10 pm, while the waterfall pond welcomes furry friends from 5 pm to 10 am June to September, and all day October to May.

        Queen Elizabeth Dog Park

        Queen Elizabeth Park reigns supreme. Located conveniently in the heart of the city, it offers vast open spaces for your furry friend to frolic and explore.Enjoy panoramic views and the picturesque setting. Off-leash hours at Queen Elizabeth are from 6 am to 10 pm, so there's plenty of time for your pup to enjoy the royal treatment.

        Everett Crowley Dog Park

        This park offers open spaces and trails for your furry friend to enjoy. With plenty of room to run and play, it's a favorite spot for dog owners in the area. Located at 8200 Kerr Street, Everett Crowley Dog Park is easily accessible and provides a safe environment for off-leash fun. Bring your pup for a day of adventure and socialization at this popular canine destination!

        Fraser River Dog Park 

        This park offers riverside views and ample space for your dog to roam. With trails and green areas, it's a beloved spot for local pet owners. Located at 8705 Angus Drive, Fraser River Dog Park provides a convenient location for off-leash playtime. Bring your pup for a day of fun and exercise in this scenic setting along the Fraser River!

        New Brighton Dog Park 

        Uncover New Brighton Dog Park at 3201 New Brighton Road. This park boasts vast greenery and scenic views for your furry companion to enjoy. With designated off-leash areas and walking trails, it's a go-to spot for local dog lovers. Situated at 3201 New Brighton Road, New Brighton Dog Park offers easy access and a serene atmosphere for playtime. Bring your pup for a day of adventure and exploration in this charming park setting!

        Spanish Banks Off-Leash Dog Park 

        Experience Spanish Banks Off-Leash Dog Park at 4801 NW Marine Drive. Offering sweeping ocean views and sandy shores, it's a paradise for dogs and their owners. With wide-open spaces and gentle waves, it's perfect for off-leash fun and water play. Located at 4801 NW Marine Drive, Spanish Banks provides a picturesque backdrop for your pup's adventures. Bring your furry friend and make memories in this stunning coastal park!


          Find more info on West Vancouver Dog Park rules & schedules here.

          Lighthouse Park

          Vancouver's Beloved Dog-Friendly Destination! Lighthouse Park is a favorite spot for dog owners, and it's easy to see why. Before your visit, grab a trail map and chart your course through rocky cliffs and ancient forests of cedar and fir. Follow the trail east of the lighthouse to reach the water. Enjoy scenic views and serene walks with your furry companion. Lighthouse Park promises unforgettable adventures for both you and your dog.

          Ambleside Off-Leash Dog Park 

          Experience Ambleside Off-Leash Dog Park in West Vancouver. With expansive green spaces and waterfront views, it's a favorite spot for local dog owners to socialize and play.


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