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Have you ever heard the children’s nursery rhyme about Jack Sprat? 

Jack Sprat could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean;
And so between the two of them, they licked the platter clean!
I’ve often thought that my girls reminded me of Jack Sprat and his wife. My 9 year old eats no meat that doesn’t come on a pizza (and even then she’s picky), whereas my 4 year old would happily eat nothing but meat from morning to night. With such different diets and food preferences, making sure they are getting their nutritional needs met can be a bit of a game of Tetris. Even worse, carting a hangry, protein-starved 9 year old from school to sports to home is nobody’s idea of fun.

I’m usually left scratching my head as to what I can pack in their lunches to keep them full for the day, and something that they’ll actually eat! Or what I can bring along as snacks for running the after-school gauntlet. Not only does it need to be tasty and nutritious, but it also needs to be mess-free, allergen-free, and PLEASE don’t be packed with sugar.  No big deal, right??  


I was pulling out my hair trying to solve this puzzle until I discovered Herbaland Nutritional Gummies for Kids. They have Multivitamin and Omega 3 Gummies for my carnivore, and chocolate brownie Protein Gummies for my herbivore, along with many other combinations to meet the dietary needs of all our unique (picky) eaters. 


Both the Multivitamin and the Protein Gummies are high in fibre, gluten and sugar-free, and non-GMO. The Protein Gummies contain 6 grams of plant-based protein per serving, making them an excellent vegan option. The convenient single-serve packaging means that it’s easy for my kids to grab one and pop it in their lunch boxes, because I’m that mom who insists that my kids make their own lunches. Now if only solving their polar opposite sleeping habits was so easy! 


Herbaland Nutritional Gummies are available at many grocery, drug and health stores across Vancouver's Lower Mainland and online. To find their store locator or learn more about their extensive line of products for the whole family, visit their website at or connect with them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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