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Spring break camps are a great way for kids to have fun and make new friends during their time off from school. These camps offer a wide range of activities, from sports and outdoor adventures, to arts and technology, to language immersion, and more. Not only are they fun, but they also provide opportunities for kids to develop new skills and interests, build independence and self-confidence, and even learn something new. Added bonus is kids get to unplug from their phones, which is beneficial for their physical and mental well-being. Overall, spring break camps are a great way for kids to make memories, learn new things, and have a blast.


spring break camps in Metro Vancouver


Knight Camp is a  premier youth program for kids aged  8-14 located in downtown Vancouver. Students train to become fully-fledged knights versed in the Historical Martial Arts of Europe (HEMA) learning and practicing longsword, sword & shield, polearms, archery, and the Knightly Virtues, such as Integrity, Mercy, and Courage! At Knight Camp kids follow the same progression that squires of yore followed, beginning the program as pages, eventually moving up through seven ranks as they complete knightly trials to attain knighthood. It is an amazing journey full of personal growth opportunities while giving them a love of history, swordplay, archery, and adventure. Click HERE for more!
Gymboree Play & Music is the global leader in play classes & camps for kids newborn to 5 years old with more than 700 play centers in 40+ countries worldwide. And we're excited that Gymboree Vancouver's location has just re-opened in their beautiful new space on West 6th Avenue! Gymboree's S.T.E.A.M Spring Break Camp for 2.5 - 5-year-olds offers enriching 5-day programs with full-day and half-day slots.  This camp takes S.T.E.A.M approaches to learning, which means children will be allowed to build their innovation and confidence through brand new themes such as Light, Water, Flight, Butterfly, and Wind. Problem-solving skills and creativity will also be developed through their own play experience as they explore the different aspects of science, art, math, and technology. Visit their website for more details!


Enhance your skills on the ice and keep active over Spring Break! At Canlan Sports Hockey Camp, kids aged 6-14 will learn to build their hockey skillsets and hone in on their technique while being motivated through play-based instruction. Staying fit over the break is easy when you are having fun. Kids will work on every aspect of the game, from skating to shooting to puck handling, and passing at different ranges of intensity. We love that Canlan Sports Camps encourage everyone to join in, get moving, and have a great time while growing their game. Their fun coaches keep kids engaged in a variety of activities that provide a fun learning experience, continue to develop their hockey skills and reach their athletic goals. Join in on all the fun today with full and half-day hockey camps in Langley, Burnaby & the North Shore!


Pear Tree Education has become one of Vancouver’s most popular educational Spring Break camps because of the quality & diversity of its programs. Children spend as much time as possible outside, experiencing education hands-on in the open air, as well as a wide range of new & challenging activities, including cooking, sports, music, dance, drama, public speaking, technology, arts & crafts, and academics. Led by experienced Vancouver school teachers, these camps offer exceptional levels of safety, enjoyment, and learning! And we love that they offer before & after camp care, and a Healthy Hot Lunch program! Pear Tree Education Spring Break Camps are offered in Vancouver for up to 2 weeks (March 18th-28th). Click HERE to see why these camps are so popular!


Looking for a camp that will truly spark your child's imagination and natural sense of wonder? At Camp Wonderstruck, campers will be immersed in a mythical fantasy story, homegrown in North Vancouver and guided by a seasoned wizard named Wonder. Over five days in Lynn Canyon Park, campers aged five to nine (grades 1-4) will immerse themselves in a captivating story. Each camp game, activity, and challenge unlocks new chapters and plot points. Each day focuses on one of the elements forming the basis of a mythical world. Activities include riverbank scavenging operations, arts and crafts like wand-making and rock-painting, make-believe adventures, water-based activities, magical forest walks, and decoding secret messages and riddles. Be sure to book by Saturday, February 10th for Early Bird pricing! 

sportball  multisport camps


Whether you want to enjoy soccer or basketball as individual sports, or try out a combo multisport camp, there is something for everyone at Sportball! Registration is open for Sportball's indoor & outdoor spring break camps across the Lower Mainland! Designed for children aged 3.5 - 12 years old, Sportball's action-packed multisport camps introduce children to a variety of sports skills, and coaches will also incorporate games and activities PLUS arts and crafts, snack time, stories, games & more! Choose from Multi-Sport with half & full-day options or focus in on either soccer or basketball only with half & full-day camps. Click HERE for spring break camp schedules in your neighbourhood! 

There are so many great experiences in Metro Vancouver! Enjoy!

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