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Summer time is finally here! Summer trampoline games using the hose are a great way to have the kids out actively enjoying the great weather while still staying cool. 

We love playing these cooling games with our kids. Springfree Trampoline is the perfect backyard playground all year long. Did you know that Springfree has recently received 2 independent safety ratings for the safest trampoline?

Our team had a blast coming up with 5 simple games for the kids (and adults) to play. Don't forget to apply sunscreen before and re-apply during any outside activities. Have fun!

5 Cooling Summer Trampoline Games:

Laser Tag:

Player 1 holds the hose & stands off the trampoline with their eyes closed. Set the hose to "JET".  Players on the trampoline try and avoid being tagged by the jet of water.  

summer trampoline games
Water Balloon Jump:

Fill water balloons and place on the trampoline... stand back and let the fun happen! To avoid any potential ankle injuries, remind kids to be mindful of not landing on the balloons on their feet.. that's what bottoms are for. 

summer trampoline games
Over / Under:

Player 1 holds the hose & stands off the trampoline. Set the hose to "JET" & hold the water stream steady.  Player 1 calls out whether the other players need to go OVER or UNDER the water. 

summer trampoline games

Player 1 holds the hose & stands off the trampoline. Set the hose to "JET" & hold the water stream steady. The other players try to go under the stream of water without being sprayed. Player 1 brings the height of the water down by a few inches after each pass. 

Rainbow Jumping

Set your hose on "MIST" and trap the sprayer in the corner of the trampoline zipper.  Since the mist setting disperses such small water droplets, the sunshine will produce a rainbow.  This also allows the kids to stay cool without getting too cold from the water. 

summer trampoline games

Looking for more trampoline games? Let our team of kids tell you their 6 favourites.

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