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Pretend play can extend conversations, create empathy for others, and allow a child or adult to create a magical place. For others it can be a safe place to work through stress or difficult emotions, to try out new ideas, or to express dreams and wishes. Fairy gardens are pretend play on a miniature scale. Tiny expressions of hope and fantasy!

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What you need:

  • Stones, twigs, pinecones, moss
  • Soil
  • Decorations - animals, flowers, leaves, teacups, stones, gems etc.
  • Small door (can be made of paper, wood, bark, or old lego)
  • Planter
  • Paint
  • Small terracotta pot for house - painted if you like

Arrange the soil in the planter, then position the larger items & stones where you want them. If you have a small terracotta pot, you can turn it upside down to use it as a base for your fairy house. If you are going to paint the fairy house, do it before putting it in the garden . When it’s dry, glue on a door made of paper, wood, bark or even old lego!

Then add your stones, twigs, pinecones, moss and other decorations - go to town decorating your new fairy garden with everything you can dream of. Remember that fairies are not perfectionists. They love freeform design because life is supposed to be free! And fairies also love it when you leave them letters to share your feelings. Give it a try!

If you don’t have a pot, don’t worry - use a wonderful tree near your home, in a park or any special place to make a fairy home. Fairies love tree stumps or flower pots either inside or outside, and truly any lovely spot will do. Add a homemade table for your fairy friend made from paper, leaves and flowers.  BC Playthings in Edgemont Village, North Vancouver, carries gorgeous little fairy treats to decorate and make your fairy home or perfect fairy Airbnb.


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