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Trampoline games keep them busy for hours!

Our little ones (and not so little ones) spend hours laughing and jumping on the Trampoline. We love that they are being creative and active at the same time. Here are some of their favourite simple trampoline games explained by the kids themselves:

How To Play Springfree Soccer:

This game is played just like regular soccer but the ball doesn't go flying! Choose the edges of each goal by using the uprights on the trampoline, use a soft ball and go to town! Remember to use only your feet or your head. Reset after each goal.

How To Play Poisonous Stuffies:

Spread some stuffies or pillows around your trampoline, then jump around being careful not to touch the stuffies.

How To Play Crack The Egg:

One player is the egg & forms a tight ball in the middle of the trampoline. The other player tries to make the egg open up by jumping near them. If the egg opens up or the jumper touches the egg the game is over.

How To Play Hot Potato:

Start some high energy music. Players jump while tossing the 'potato' (a soft ball or teddy) back  & forth. Who ever has the 'potato' when the music stops is out.

How To Play Jump Add-On:

One player does their favourite Trampoline move, the next player has to copy the original move and then add on one of their own.  The next player repeats all the moves in the sequence and adds one of theirs at the end. Continue adding on one player at a time until someone forgets the next move. Start again from with the beginning with a different player beginning the sequence.

How To have a Bum-Drop Contest:

Players square off in a head to head contest of who can do the most bum-drops in a row. Also try and beat your own score for time or number of drops!

Do your kids have favourite  trampoline games? We'd love to see them in action!

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