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Remember when you thought this was the year you were going to have it all together. This was the year your kids would have the best, most Instagram worthy lunches EVER!! One week in and you were slinging anything you could grab into a lunch box and giving a little cheer when you found out it was hot lunch day. Woohoo!

We have all been there and wished that there was a way to take all the stress off school mornings but also give our kids super healthy hot lunches that they would love. Well say hello to KindermealsThey are here to save your sanity and deliver super nutritious school lunches to your door.

We love the idea of Kindermeals, healthy lunches that our kids will  enjoy delivered at the beginning of the week. No muss, no fuss... just dependable healthy eating that takes the task of coming up with lunch ideas off our plates. As busy parents we think this is perfect!

How It Works

→ Order by Wednesday at midnight to receive your delivery on your area's delivery day (Sunday or Monday)
→ No minimum order required & you don't have to be home to accept delivery
→ Food stays fresh for up to 5 days, so you can order for a full school week
→ Meals are delivered in a cooler bag with an ice pack to maintain temperature

Delivery Days/Times

Check out the MENU & ORDER NOW!

Why we love
Kindermeals lunches:


Low in processed sugar, sodium, and fat, and no cholesterol at all.


Freshly made with local ingredients depending on the season.


Full of nutrients to provide your child with energy all day.


Everything is made from scratch. No processed ingredients are used.

Support schools

4% of the purchase value will be donated to your child school. Ask your school PAC for promo code.

No preservatives

Everything is natural! No preservatives and harmful chemicals used.

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