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Looking for a day camp that offers something a bit different? Check out Knight Camp at Academie Duello, the only authentic knight school for youth in Canada!

Kids aged 8 – 14 are taught knightly skills in a safe and engaging environment by Academie Duello's trained instructors. They gain knowledge of history and heraldry, learn & show leadership skills, perform service in the community and at home, and demonstrate their application of knightly virtues. Becoming a knight is no small order!

Knight Camp is one of our favourite local day camps and they have been voted "Best Children's Camp" by the Georgia Straight.  Since 2008, more than 1000 children have participated in Knight Camp, with a growing group of graduated knights who now play a role as senior students and camp instructors passing on their knowledge to the next generation of Knight Campers.

swords, shields,
and more

Students at Knight Camp learn about history, leadership, heraldry, archery, medieval games & dance and more. Each week finishes with a grand-finale tournament and demonstration where they get to show off all of they've learned to their parents and friends.

authentic experience
Students learn with properly weighted and balanced synthetic swords that give the authentic feel of the real thing, while still being safe and easy to manage. Students will also create their own wooden shield with a unique coat of arms. 
Campers progress through a series of seven levels from page to knight, completing one level each week they attend. Each level features special skills, new arts, and opportunities to deepen what they've learned before. Finally, they are tasked with a series of knightly trials before being inducted into our knightly order.

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