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Rock climbing: it's not just for thrill-seeking adrenaline junkies anymore! These days, indoor rock climbing gyms are popping up all over Metro Vancouver, making it easy for families to try their hand at this exciting and challenging sport. But why should your family give it a try? Here are 10 good reason to try this exciting sport and a list of gyms by city so you can find one close by.

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10 reasons to try rock climbing as a family

  1. It promotes physical activity and builds strength: Rock climbing requires the use of various muscle groups, including the arms, legs, and core. It can help improve physical fitness and coordination, making it a great way for families to stay active and healthy.
  2. It's a great excuse to finally wear those flashy spandex climbing pants you've been eyeing.
  3. It encourages teamwork and problem-solving: Rock climbing often requires teamwork and communication, as climbers must work together to figure out the best route up the wall and support each other along the way. This can foster teamwork and problem-solving skills, which can be useful in other areas of life.
  4. If you have a competitive family, rock climbing is the perfect activity to settle those age-old sibling rivalries once and for all. Who knows, you may even discover that your little brother is secretly a climbing prodigy.
  5. It fosters a sense of accomplishment and confidence: Rock climbing can be a challenging activity, and successfully completing a route can give climbers a sense of accomplishment and boost their confidence. This can be especially rewarding for children and teenagers, who may be looking for ways to test their limits and build self-esteem.
  6. It provides an opportunity for quality time: Rock climbing can be a great way for families to spend quality time together and bond in a fun, active environment. It can be especially enjoyable for parents and children who enjoy outdoor activities and adventure.
  7. It can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels: Rock climbing gyms typically offer routes and challenges for climbers of all skill levels, making it an activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced climber, there is likely a route that will be suitable for you.
  8. It's important for your kids to see you struggle and work at something new.
    1. And let's be real, it's not every day that you get to be the coolest parent on the block.

    Indoor Rock Climbing in Metro Vancouver

    These facilities typically offer a variety of climbing routes and challenges for climbers of all skill levels, as well as equipment rentals and instructional classes for those who are new to the sport. It's a good idea to call ahead or check the gym's website for information on hours of operation & safety protocols.

    rock climbing vancouver climb base5

    Where:  Squamish

    Climb in the rock climbing capitol: Squamish, BC. Ground Up Climbing Centre aims to welcome youth and families to the gym while acknowledging that it is a potentially dangerous environment. Youth under the age of 12 are still developing cognitive awareness of those around them as well as awareness of potential hazards and risks that exist.  In order to reduce the risk of injury, they have age-specific parent-to-child supervisory ratios for families. We love that they have so many youth and adult programs to help families develop a love of climbing together.

    rock climbing vancouver the hive
    The Hive

    Where: Vancouver, Surrey, Port Coquitlam & North Vancouver

    At The Hive, they believe that everyone is a climber. They know that everyone has climbed something, somewhere, at some stage in their life. Maybe it was to get a cookie from the jar, maybe it was a tree to get a stuck frisbee, maybe it was a ladder to hang a picture. Regardless, if you’ve never been rock climbing before, they can help. Check out their WOW Welcome or Intro to Bouldering to set you off on the right foot.

    There are so many great experiences in Metro Vancouver! Enjoy!

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