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How's the move going? From the moment we told friends and family that we were moving, that was the main question. They were ready for us to go into stories about how overwhelming it was and how we wished we hadn't done it, but we had a secret weapon.

This was an emotional and unplanned move.  It wasn't far - just around the block in North Vancouver, in fact - but the amount of stuff to be organized didn't change. We had been in the same house for 9 years and 2 kids, so the pile of stuff to be purged, packed, moved & unpacked was massive.

We also had some precious items that we were worried about moving successfully, like my grandmother's piano. Although it wasn't going far, the move from the first floor of the old house to the basement of the new house for such a large, heavy, breakable, and sentimental object was stressful for us.


This is when we turned to You Move Me. We discovered that they have all aspects of a move covered including a special service dedicated to packing, protecting, and moving larger or antique items like our piano.

We loved how they took care to walk us through not only what services they had to offer, but also what we should do from the moment we had a move-in date, to the first night in our new home, so that we would have a  successful stress-free move. And they have Covid-19 protocols in place to maximize everyone's health & safety. 

They even gave us a PRINTABLE MOVING CHECKLIST to keep us on track. YES!! We love a checklist!

You Move Me is a full-service moving company helping families in BC, Ontario, and across the United States, and their local team servicing Vancouver and the Fraser Valley is extra awesome!



Don't wait. Start packing as soon as you have your moving date. It's a bigger job than you think and by spreading it out you avoid the mad rush of last-minute packing and lower the risk of items being damaged...and you reduce your stress!

2. Yet Your Stuff ToGETHER

You are going to need an assortment of boxes, packing supplies, and packing tools, so get these items right away. You Move Me sells a wide assortment of packing supplies.

3. make space for the purge

BE RUTHLESS! A major move is your biggest opportunity for a decluttering purge. Make sure you've got some old boxes and bags to pack up those items you are purging, so they can be swiftly lifted out and off to the second-hand store, recycling depot, or collected by a junk disposal service.

4. start by purging your storage

Tackling the storage areas (where you have hidden all your junk) can seem overwhelming but this is where you want to start. Anything you haven't used for a year and cannot guarantee you will need again, and items that have no sentimental value, are the first to go. Out of sight, out of mind! Don't bring them to clutter up your new home!

5. low-use areas get packed first

Move on to the rooms you will use infrequently prior to moving day. Box up the items to be transported to your new home, all the while cultivating a spirit of less is more and setting the things you won't need again into your purge space.

6. main areas packed  last

The last items you pack up prior to your move will be your everyday kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom belongings. Try to consider what may not suit your new home, or furnishings and household things you won't have room for. These can be part of your purge.


Keep the "last minute" items to a minimum since they add up to more packing than you think

If packing truly is an evil concept for you, or that hectic schedule keeps you going from dawn till dusk, call up the experts at You Move Me. They pack too!

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