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Dealing with a fall or winter cold? You're not alone - the biggest surge in the common cold virus is in the fall! 

Just when you think you have your new routine organized and you're ready to embrace the colder weather & activities, you get hit with the dreaded fall/winter cold. This happens so often and can be very frustrating.  It seems like about 10 days after the kids go back to routine in the fall or after holiday breaks the whole family gets sick!

Common cold symptoms include a scratchy or sore throat, sneezing, nasal discharge, tiredness, low-grade fever (less than 100°F), and an overall sick feeling. But don't worry, we have tips to help you weather your fall & winter colds and get back to feeling like yourself!

5 tips for seasonal coughs & colds

1. hydrate, hydrate & hydrate some more!

Warm liquids like clear broth, herbal teas, or warm lemon water with honey can help loosen congestion & prevent dehydration. Electrolyte drinks can be helpful especially if you are running a fever and have been sweating.  And limit alcohol, coffee, and caffeinated sodas, as they can all make you more dehydrated!

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Colder weather can have us wanting to snuggle down in bed, which is great advice with a cold.  Rest is the best when it comes to seasonal colds. So go ahead and wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket with a book, audiobook or your favourite streaming binge show. 

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3. REACH FOR herbal remedies

Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and foods high in immune-boosting nutrients like zinc, iron, and vitamin C.  You might also consider a herbal remedy such as Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa syrup and lozenges. These are made with natural herbs and honey, blended based on the theory of “Traditional Chinese Medicine”.  We have found them very effective in our families - especially for nighttime coughs. Click here to learn more! 

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If we learned anything throughout the pandemic, it's that hand washing and distance from others is a key to slowing the transmission of viruses. Now that we are back together again, we need to remember these lessons when we are sick and go back to these practices. Wash your hands often, don't touch your face, and stay away from others when you are sick.

5. Get out ahead of cough & cold season

Daily moderate exercise, solid sleep habits & a healthy diet low in sugar and high in colourful fruit & veggies are key preventative measures that all families can take to help maintain their immunity and  general wellbeing. If you feel like a cold is on your doorstep, gargling with warm salt water serval times a day might help stop it from taking hold in your nose and throat. This approach is only for kids over 6 as younger kids may not be able to gargle properly. 

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