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One of the  upsides to physical distancing and "stay home" directives has been the increase in quality family time. But it hasn't all been smooth sailing! There have been major melt-downs, frustrations and lots of deep breaths.

We've found that 3 things have saved us:


Like all families in BC this spring and now approaching summer, we have been staying close to home and exploring our own neighbourhoods. The kids have been on more family walks and bike rides in the past few months than they did all last year!

We're finding that our snack drawer is being emptied as quickly as we can fill it with everyone home all day and the kids all needing a snack every time we go out on an excursion (even just around the block). And there's no way that we're ready to cart around all the messy, sticky, complicated snack creations that they were looking for!

Luckily we found the new Canadian-made GoPure fruit & oat bars! We loaded up on all 6 of their flavours and celebrated the fact that every one of our kids loved these convenient real fruit & whole oat bars. And we also LOVE the fact that they're peanut-free, as we have a few serious peanut allergies among our friends and family.

Grab & go healthy yumminess!

As some kids head back to school part time and parents are considering pysically-distanced summer camp options, GoPure fruit & oat bars with 8 grams of whole grains per bar are perfect to throw in a backpack wherever your adventure takes you.

diy fruity twister game - free printable

Screen-free games have become extremely valuable to keep kids entertained & we have found that bringing back new twists on retro classics has been a huge win. Inspired by our new snack favourites, we created a fruity twist on the twister game that had been collecting dust in the cupboard.

Use this free printable to print a colouring sheet Twister game.

Colour the fruit on this printable game board to match the colours on your mat. Get creative & express yourself.... of course the raspberries can be orange!

Place a spinner on the sheet in the middle (we used our favourite GoPure fruit & oat bar) and give it a spin!

Where the two ends of the spinner point, move the corresponding body parts to that colour circle. For example: Left hand orange & right foot green. The last one to fall over wins.

If you don't have a twister mat at home you can make your own with an old sheet and craft paints. Simply trace around a small plate to create 4 vertical lines of 6 circles and then paint each line of circles a different colour.

This post was made possible through a brand partnership. All opinions are our own.

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