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To all the amazing husbands out there,

Thank you for all that you do and for being such an important part of your family's life - us moms appreciate it more than you'll ever know. And we know deep down that you love and appreciate us too, so we're sharing our top tips to help make sure those feelings really shine through this Mother's Day.

What most moms wish for on mother's day is actually very simple.

Here's our Husband's Playbook on Winning Mother's Day this year:
  • Wake-Up Call: Someone should get up with your kids at the crack of dawn. (Winning Hint: Today it's not your wife!) Make it your mission to keep the kids entertained & quiet until Mom wakes up all by herself - this is likely so rare that she'll initially wake up confused, and then ooooooh so grateful.
  • Personalized Gift from Kids are Mandatory: Make sure your kids have made something personal to give to your wife on Mother's Day - it can be as simple as a card or drawing, and check with the kids ahead of time to see if they've already made something at daycare or school, if not take care of it at home. And if you have a baby or toddler, go ahead and make a card yourself with a sweet note in it, and give your little one a crayon to scribble all over it - done!
  • Breakfast in Bed: Don't get stressed over making something fancy AT ALL - what she really wants is sustenance in peace, with no clean-up afterward. So if you love to cook, fill your boots! Involve the kids and go nuts creating a culinary masterpiece. Otherwise, a bowl of her own cereal with milk (and don't forget the coffee!) alone in her bed (probably enjoying Netflix on her phone), with someone else clearing away and washing the dishes is an absolute win in our book. (Winning Hint: This should not happen before 8 am no matter how early the kids wake up!)
  • Bathroom Alone: This is an easy win! If you can keep the kids occupied just long enough for her to have the bathroom alone to pee & shower in peace (without kids banging on the door yelling "Mom! Mom! Mom!" or sticking their ever so cute little fingers under the door), major major brownie points. (Winning Hint: Tell her this is happening so she actually relaxes and enjoys her shower instead of rushing through all the steps like an over-caffeinated jack russell like she normally does.)
  • Plans For The Day: Balance the plans for the day keeping in mind your wife likely feels guilty for loving her kids while desperately craving some time away from the little darlings. Spend a few hours hanging out as a family (doing something active outside like hiking or biking if it's sunny, snuggling up to watch a movie on the couch together, or playing a board game if it's raining -  (Winning Hint: choose whatever is likely to keep your kids in the best moods!), and then insist that she takes a few hours to herself in the afternoon, either at home alone (you taking the kids out) or kick her out of the house while you and the kids tidy things up.
  • Gift From You: If you've done any/all of the things suggested above, you've probably already won Mother's Day in your home. But if you want a guaranteed, knocked it out of the park, winner-winner, slam dunk, our absolute favourite husband gift is one that shows that YOU know how much she truly loves and lives for your kids in the crazy ups and downs, tear your hair out, mess of motherhood. Something that allows her to hold your kids close to her heart even when they're not with her.  And it's not big or overly expensive - just exceptionally thoughtful, personal & guaranteed to cause waterworks. (Winning Hint: You have to order it now to get it in time! - see below)
Mother's day

Our Favourite Gift:

As our kids get older, the years seem to be going so slowly and flying by all at the same time. When they were little, I got about halfway through making my oldest daughter's baby book, and I'm pretty sure I got to page 2 of my younger one's book. Sometimes I feel guilty about that, because I know I'd love to look back at completed books when they're older, and I assume they would too. But, for now, I just haven't found the time to finish them.

I was recently given an incredible custom gift from Smallprint Vancouver North that eases some of the mom-guilt I feel about not yet having finished their baby books, and I know I will cherish it forever. We had a private session with the lovely Mahnaz to have my girls' fingerprints pressed directly onto silver pendants, and the final product actually brought tears to my eyes. I was caught off guard by how emotional I was about the keepsake jewelry, and other than for showers and one out-of-town holiday, I haven't taken off my necklace since I got it. It sits close to my heart and reminds me of my girls and family even when we're not together. And if my husband had organized to have this necklace secretly created for me for Mother's Day, it would have been extra special for me.

Mother's Day gift
Mother's Day Gift
Mother's Day gift

Smallprint Vancouver North offers a wide variety of custom jewlery, and the Original Fingerprint pieces are the only ones that require prints to be taken in person (like my pendants). All of the other pieces, like High Fives and Little Kickers, can be made from finger, hand or footprints that you already have and can email to Mahnaz. This is what I did for suprise keychains for my sister and her husband this past Christmas because I couldn't figure out a day to have their baby's prints taken without them finding out, but I did have access to her footprints on paper that I could email.

Mother's Day gift

Original Fingerprint pendants with my girls fingerprints (names & ages hand-engraved on the back)

Mother's Day Gift

Love Keyring that I had made with my baby neice's footprints as a surprise gift for my sister and her husband

Be sure to share this post with any dads who you think would appreciate some guidance this Mother's Day, and don't forget that Father's Day is coming up too! We think lots of dads would love the cuff-links, keyrings, birth detail tags or leather bracelets. Below is a video of Mahnaz from Smallprint Vancouver North explaining your ordering options for custom jewelry.

And for other personalized gift ideas for the rest of the family, click HERE!

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