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Lunar New Year is a wonderful time to celebrate the rich heritage and traditions of the diverse Asian Canadian communities in Vancouver and across BC! While official dates for the holiday vary by culture, for many, Lunar New Year is synonymous with the Chinese Spring Festival, which runs from Saturday, February 10th - 24th, 2024. Whether you observe Korean New Year 'Seollal', Mongolia’s 'Tsagaan Sar', Vietnamese 'Tet', Indonesian 'Imlek', or Tibetan 'Losar Festival', there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy festivities in and around Vancouver. Take this chance to celebrate with family, and experience vibrant cultural events and activities!

Lunar New Year Vancouver

10 Ways to celebrate Lunar New Year In Metro Vancouver

chinese new year
Lunar New Year at Metropolis at Metrotown 

February 1st - 24th, 2024

Lunar New Year is coming up there are so many fun and exciting events and activities you can find at Metrotown including the Lion Parade,  the beautiful sounds of the guzheng, culinary workshops, make your own Lantern Festival décor, a dumpling eating contest, dance to traditional and K-pop music, and more!

chinese new year

February 11th, 2024

Recognized as one of the largest Council-designated Civic Parades, this significant event has become an enduring celebration of diversity and community spirit, and the biggest Spring Festival Celebration cross Canada. The 50th Anniversary celebration of the Vancouver Chinatown Spring Festival Parade features floats, traditional Chinese costumes, and performances from dancers and musicians.

There are many ways to get involved in the celebrations, including attending a parade, visiting a local cultural centre, participating in traditional activities, and enjoying delicious food and drink and more.

  1. The Vancouver Chinese New Year Parade is one of the largest and most popular events in the city to celebrate the holiday.
  2. Lunar New Year Market at UBC Botanical Gardens Celebrate the Year of the Dragon and engage with fun events and programs happening across the university and in the community. 
  3. New West celebrates the year of the dragon with lantern decorating, make a fire breathing dragon, themed crafts, and more! 
  4. Taiwan is simply spectacular — especially when seen from above. During Soar Over Taiwan at Flyover Canada, you'll explore some of the island nation's most iconic sites, all from right here in downtown Vancouver.
  5. Explore the Lantern City art installation on Granville Island.
  6. Celebrate Lunar New Year with a free family friendly event hosted by the Chinese Village Club at the Museum of Surrey. Enjoy traditional dance, music performances, flower & lantern paper cutting crafts, calligraphy activities and more!
  7. Take a self-guided tour of Chinatown.
  8. Visit a Chinese garden: Vancouver is home to several beautiful Chinese gardens, including the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden and the Vancouver Chinese Garden Society Garden. These gardens offer a peaceful and serene escape from the city, and are a great place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.
  9. Enjoy Chinese food and drink: Chinese New Year is a great time to enjoy some traditional Chinese food and drink. Vancouver is home to many excellent Chinese restaurants, offering everything from dumplings and noodles to roasted meat and seafood. Check out the Dumpling Trail Tour in Richmond.
  10. The Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver in Vancouver offer a range of educational and cultural programs related to Chinese culture and history.

There are so many great experiences in Metro Vancouver! Enjoy!

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