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We are HUGE ice cream fans!!  Gelato, Sorbetto, Dairy-free, Gourmet or plain... we love it all! We have pulled together some of our favourites when it come to soft serve ice cream in Metro Vancouver. These are not you regular vanilla swirls. These are gourmet artistic creations to make your smile light up and your mouth water!

Located in Squamish, Alice & Brohm have brought a piece of New Zealand to BC’s West Coast. Alice & Brohm serve up made to order real fruit ice cream that is created in front of your eyes with your favourite berry (or combination).  Matt’s New Zealand childhood was all about ice cream as a post-adventure treat for him and his family. Katie is passionate about sustainability and creating relationships with local producers for their ice cream and berries. Together, they are extra stoked in offering the community a fresh way to make their own memories. Flavours in regular rotation are classic 4 BC berries : Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry & Blackberry. They also offer grab and go pints where they play with more exotic flavours during the year.  Nora's non-dairy ice cream is available as a base for a vegan choice.

Location: Squamish
📸 Alice & Brohm Facebook

soft peaks

Soft Serve was Vancouver's first organic milk soft serve shop. Every morning, they make batches of fresh soft serve with premium toppings.  All of their milk comes from Avalon Dairy, a local dairy farm known for its uncompromising quality. The ice cream cups, spoons, and napkins are from local suppliers and many are also compostable. Ice cream from Soft Peaks supports the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.  With topping combinations like honeycomb peak, Rocky Mountain, Mudslide and North Pole Breakfast... Why scoop when you can twist?

Location: Vancouver & Burnaby
📸 Soft Peaks

720 Sweets is a nitrogen ice cream store that seeks will blow your mind with revolutionary flavours to excite your taste buds. Honey 720 (honey drizzle and golden honeycomb), Milk’ee (crushed walnuts, caramel drizzle, espresso grass jelly and crunchy almond cookie) and The Classic (crushed Graham crackers, condensed milk, and a baked butter cookie). Branch out and try one of their amazing floats!
Location: Vancouver and Burnaby. 
📸 720 Sweets Facebook

Milkcow is a premium dessert cafe that emphasizes creativity and innovation. Milkcow ice-cream tastes milkier and creamier than many traditional soft serve ice creams. It's organically sourced without preservatives. With a solid base, now it's time to go crazy with toppings!!  Try Mont Blanc with chocolate rocks apple syrup and cotton candy, Macao Dream with sweet macaron & almond, or the Milky Cube with natural honey comb. Take your experience to the next level with their watermelon ice cream sandwiches!

Location: Richmond
📸 Milkcow Facebook

Why should the cone be the least exciting pasrt? The Praguery Food Truck serves hand crafted ice cream in freshly baked pastry cones called chimney cakes. They are proud to offer house-made fillings, toppings and dough made from scratch every day with all-natural ingredients. Vegan options are available for Ice Cream and Chimney Cakes.
Location: Gastown Vancouver plus 2 food trucks in Richmond & Vancouver
📸 The Praguery Facebook

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