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Bento boxes are a great way to put together a healthy school lunch that your kids are actually going to eat.

Who wouldn't love a gorgeous lunch of bite sizes bits all lovingly prepared and elegantly presented? But packing  healthy and appealing school lunches everyday is a daunting task and we can all use a little inspiration. Even if you have older kids who usually pack their own lunches, theses 8 tips for bento box lunches will come in handy.

TIP 1: Aim for lots of little bites

Weelicious makes it look easy to pull together healthy meals that are also gorgeous! We love the idea of little open-faced sandwich bites instead of one larger sandwich. 

TIP 2: surprise them!

Landryslunches  has really outdone themselves with this amazing Dr. Seuss themed box! They have so many cute ideas and hand written note suggestions!


Ummbox keeps the vegetarian choice simple with healthy grazing options like blueberries, cherry tomatoes, granola bites, pretzels, dark chocolate chips and clementine and a healthy filling choice of naan pizza bites as a main component.

TIP 4: pack for bigs and littles ALIKE

By keeping the grazing options the same for big kids and littles, Real.Life.Lunch cuts out most of the meal prep stress. Each kid then has a wrap that they like added to their box. Voila!

TIP 5: go deconstructed

Deconstructed tacos by bowsandbentos with tortillas, rotisserie chicken, shredded cheese, avocado, corn & veg. Little hands have the choice of how they put their lunch together, taking some of the stress off you!

TIP 6: be playful

Little_lunch_love Changes boring sandwiches into cute dumplings to switch things up 🥟in this lunchbox full of colour!🌈 A few chocolate eggs  {as a special treat} lots of fresh fruits and veggies and a slice of naturally sweetened banana bread round out the box.

TIP 7: celebrate leftovers

The Daily lunch box spot shows how leftovers easily transition to a bento box with fresh and healthy add-ons. 

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