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Everyone knows about Valentine's day... but we are loving GALENTINE'S DAY. A completely fictional holiday that hits just the right spot. A celebration of female friendships... and the glue that binds us together. February 13th was picked by the television show Parks & Rec as the day to celebrate but we think any time of year would do. After all...it's completely made up!

We love our men, husbands, brothers, dads... but there is something special about the strength of a circle of ladies that we would be truly lost without. This way single, married, divorced, no one is left out!

Here are some sweet girl gang activities to enjoy:


Wake up late, drink good coffee and eat all the things. Why can't all days start this way? Grab a the girl gang, make a reservation and get the Instagram filters ready! Metro Vancouver has some fantastic brunch spots waiting for you!


Gorgeous tea houses such as  Neverland and Secret Garden Tea Company have the magical ability to take us so far from our daily to-do lists and into a world of decadence, ritual, whimsy and creativity.  Enjoy the pampering of afternoon tea with all the pretty china your heart desires.


One of our favourite ways to spend time as a girl gang follows this simple  equation of OURDOOR FUN + YUMMY FOOD (cheese is a must, wine is a bonus). Check out the guided snowshoe and cheese and chocolate Fondue tour at Cypress Mountain. Oh Yeeaaahhhh!

take a deep breath together

Does time with your girl gang take a weight off your shoulders? It does for us and we love the idea of using time together to reconnect with each other and with ourselves. There are many yoga classes across the lower mainland that welcome drop is. With a larger group you might also be able to book a private class.  Inhale harmony and love, exhale stress and business.

you had me at hot chocolate!

The Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival runs early February and is a great opportunity to have a casual get together that roams from one location to the next tasting the featured offerings. Grab an umbrella and enjoy this grown-up scavenger hunt for chocolate flavours like WASCALLY WABBIT and ALOHA MACS!

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