Valentine's day cards


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Valentine's Day can be a fun day of sharing love and kindness. Unfortunately, can also be a day of exclusion, competition and stress.  Many schools have brought in the rule that you must give a card to every child in the class or none at all. We like this rule to avoid the singling out of children who may only receive a few cards or none at all. No one needs that kind of exclusion.

However the simple hand made card is in many cases a thing of the past. Now if a Valentine's Day card does not have some kind of toy or candy stuck to it, it is seen as "less than".

We embrace the idea of going back to basics on Valentine's Day and giving out these simple print-at-home cards to everyone in the class. These black and white cards can be coloured at home before giving out the cards or the colouring becomes an activity for the recipient. So fun!

The message of celebrating uniqueness and diversity in all our friends is an important one to spread in schools.


Click on  either image to download the 2 page PDF that included both sides of the card and set your printer to print double sided.

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