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Sometimes you just need a date night. You need to have a little bit of grownup time to reconnect, eat something that appeals to a more grown up palate and also get some face-time without interruption for a juice box or a snack. Sometimes you just need a break - but you need to know you are leaving your kids in good hands. Here are some places you can drop off your kids while you go on a date night:  

date night
Jump Gymnastics

Kids aged 4-7 can be dropped off at Jump Gymnastics in Yaletown and in North Vancouver to give you three hours to yourselves to have fun. Your child will be having fun too, with pizza, crafts, games and gymnastics. Everybody wins! When you bring two kids, the the third is free!

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Wonder of Learning

At Wonder of Learning’s Parents Night Out, your kids will enjoy cooperative games, arts and crafts, dance and movement mini-food preparation for dinner and more! They are located in the Kingsway area of Vancouver and they provide up to five hours of care.

date night

Come to Kidtropolis and drop your kids off for the evening. They will get pizza, juice, popcorn, and get to explore Kidtropolis. This program is for kids ages 5-12 and gives you 4 hours of time to yourselves while your kids get to enjoy role playing and experiential learning in a city built just their size.

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Give Kids Night Out a try! There are group games, a movie, and nutritious snacks. Have a night out just for adults knowing your kids are in good hands and having just as much fun as you are! What’s not to like about that?

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My Gym Langley

Parents Night Out at My Gym Langley lets your kids enjoy games, rides and activities while you have fun. Discounts are available for siblings and kids ages 2.5 - 11 are welcome to attend. Spend three hours eating dinner or enjoying a movie at the local theatre and be assured your kids are having a blast.

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Rhythm Gym Vancouver

Gymnastics circuits, dancing, music and crafts could be on your kid’s agenda with Rhythm Gym Vancouver’s Parents Night Out. They even get a bedtime story and a snack! Kids can come in pyjamas and bring nut-free snacks. You get 2.5 hours free, the kids get lots of fun.

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Bricks 4 Kidz

Fun, games and Lego building make up Kids Night Out at Bricks 4 Kidz. There’s an hour of planned games and activities, and then an hour and three quarters of Lego entertainment. They get to build Lego structures, you get to build your relationship. Win-win!

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Club Aviva

Kids age 3-15 can be dropped off at Club Aviva so you can have some time together. Parents of kids ages 3-5 must remain in the building (bring a picnic!) but parents of kids ages 6-15 may proceed to their chosen destination for some fun. Club Aviva is a 16,000 square foot gymnastics facility that has a foam pit, trampolines, and all sorts of gymnastics equipment.

You can still have fun date nights when you have kids and these are some great ways to make that happen. You don’t have to feel bad about leaving them knowing they will be well taken care of and having lots of fun. Where will you go on your date night?

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