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Looking some Elf On The Shelf ideas & inspiration?

It's that time of year where we dust off the Christmas decorations, we start to think about when the tree can go up and we decide what kind of advent calendar we will have this year.

And with all that excitement also comes the pressure to keep the holiday magic of the Elf On The Shelf alive even after a tiring long day.

We are here to help. We have pulled together some easy to create off Elf On The Shelf ideas that will make the countdown to Christmas a breeze.

If you are looking to balance the mischief of the Elf with a little more kindness and empathy, you might like our DIY Kindness Advent Calendar for Kids.

Elf On The Shelf ideas


  1. Weight Lifting Elf (use mini marshmallows and toothpicks for weights)
  2. Want to build Snowman? (make a snowman with 3 large marshmallows)
  3. Christmas bows stuck all over the kitchen cabinets
  4. Lipstick/ marker note on the Bathroom mirror
  5. Elf tangled in the kitchen mixer “ready to bake cake”
    (possibly surrounded by ingredients & cake mix)
  6. Toilet paper roll swing in the doorway
  7. In a bag of popped Microwave popcorn with a Christmas DVD
  8. Cotton ball beard like Santa
  9. Build a house out of blocks
  10. Cheerio elf donuts
  11. Plays board game with dolls
  12. Cover the Christmas tree in toilet paper
  13. Snow angels in rice (use a baking sheet to contain the mess)
  14. Drawing faces on the eggs in the fridge.
  15. Daddy pedicure (I left your dad a funny treat go find him and look at his feet)
  16. Note in the bathroom sink written in toothpaste “Don’t forget to brush”
  17. Mini marshmallow tic-tac-toe (write X or O on top of marshmallow in non-toxic marker)
  18. Scrabble message “be good)
  19. Reading bedtime stories to other dolls
  20. Candy cane seeds (small red candies) to be placed in a cup filled with dry oatmeal with optional sprinkles as fertilizer.
  21. After candy cane seeds… put “grown” candy canes in the oatmeal
  22. Self-portrait of elf on the mirror
  23. Mini pancakes on a mini plate
  24. All the ingredients for cookies on the counter with cookies please sign.
  25. Asleep in Kleenex box.
  26. Hidden under a glass in the cupboard
  27. Tobogganing down the railing on a plastic container lid
  28. Making paper snowflakes link to gumboots
  29. Ride to school on the rear-view mirror
  30. Hiding in the cutlery drawer
  31. Leading a line of toy car traffic in one of the cars
  32. Can you find all 12 candy canes hidden around the house? When you have found them all, put them on the Christmas tree.
  33. Playing Christmas music on the piano
  34. Tower of toilet paper on top of the toilet
  35. Gift wrap the fridge, toilet or a door in the house
  36. Packing a treat into their lunch box
  37. Crumpled paper snowball fight anyone?
  38. Long legs using wrapping paper and boots
  39. Elf on strike (I can’t move until you listen to Mom & Dad)
  40. Head popping out of the front of the cereal box.
  41. In the fridge with a note: "Too hot for me! I needed to chill out."
Elf On The Shelf ideas

We know that sometimes it's hard to remember what the Elf has done already and to come up with new Elf On The Shelf  ideas. Click Here to download our Elf On The Shelf PDF printable. 

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