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An escape room is a fun, interactive game where a group of people are locked in a room and have to solve puzzles and clues to find a way out within a set time limit. Each room has a different theme, like a mystery to solve or a prison break, and the puzzles and clues are related to that theme. It's a fun way to bond with friends or family and use your problem-solving skills. The gameplay usually lasts around 60 minutes, but it can vary depending on the room and the company running the escape room. It's a great option for a group activity, like a birthday party or family outing. Don't stress, you don't have to escape in the time given, the main goal is to have fun and enjoy the experience.

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5 Reason Your Family will love an escape room experience

  1. It's a fun and unique way to spend quality time together. Whether you're looking for a weekend activity or something to do during the summer, escape rooms are a great option for families.

  2. It's a chance to work together and practice problem-solving skills. If your family is always bickering over who's in charge or who's idea is better, escape rooms give you the opportunity to put your heads together to achieve a common goal. You might discover talents you didn't know your family had!

  3. It's a refreshing change of pace. Instead of going to the movies or a regular dinner, escape rooms provide a different type of entertainment and can be a great option for families that are looking to break out of their routine.

  4. It's a good way to get everyone out of the house and be active. Instead of sitting at home on a rainy day, escape rooms give everyone the opportunity to get out of the house, move around and have fun together.

  5. It's a fun way to bond with your family. It's a fun way to bond over shared goals and challenges, and to have a great time together.

9 escape rooms FOR families in Metro Vancouver

Here are escape rooms in Metro Vancouver with a variety of themes, including some suitable for families.

  1. Bamboozled Games - Burnaby: Adventures that escape the ordinary! Try one of 4 games with free admission on your birthday.

  2. Find & Seek - Vancouver: Brings you and your friends an adventurous escape room experience like no other with immersive stories! 

  3. Evolve Virtual Reality - Vancouver: Experience the Immersive thrill of a VR Escape Room

  4. Exit Games - Richmond, Vancouver, Surrey, Langley: Try Canada's first and largest escape room gaming company! Ask About their Family Deal. All kids (10 years old and under) get 40% off!

  5. Clue Solvers - Online: A fast-paced scavenger hunt and a brain-teasing outdoor escape room, all rolled into one great adventure!

  6. Pandora's Locks - New Westminster:  Gather your team of friends & family, and prepare yourselves for an hour of cooperative puzzle-solving fun! Find the hidden clues, decode secret messages, and work as a team.

  7. i-Exit - Vancouver: Experience a multi-room challenge! Four different themes have several integrated rooms that you must go through to escape!

  8. Escape Whistler: Known for incredible artwork and a local's touch.

There are so many great experiences in Metro Vancouver! Enjoy!

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