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Did you know there is a National Pie Day? How Exciting! We are all ready for National Pie Day on January 23rd with these healthy sweet and savoury creations.

From fruit & spices, vegetables & lentils,we love pies in all shapes, sizes and flavours! Check out our top picks for healthy pie recipes that are as beautiful as they are delicious!

pie recipes we can't wait to try


Not all pies need crust!  This snack recipe from stayhealthy_myfriends looks so good! The layers are so pretty and we wish we had a scratch & sniff screen!

We  love that nuttybutterbakes has done all the hard work of figuring out a keto & gluten free crust for this beauty! These fruit tarts are made with an almond flour base and they even managed to make a vegan version with dairy-free butter and coconut cream. 

These pies from of.oat.and.earth are a comforting winter classic & a beautiful way to include our prebiotic friend- leek! Do a simple one ingredient swap to make these vegan - just swap the chicken for tofu or chickpeas.

In the spirit of making healthier choices, uptothebeatfit have made a healthy version of the humble pecan pie! With simple, easy steps and minimal ingredients, this dessert will have you wanting to go back for seconds.

This burst of sunshine from mybeautifullrecipes makes us think of warm summer days but you could absolutely make this Lemon Mango Pie any time of year! Yum!


Wow! You won’t regret making this lucious Tomatoe & cheese pie from outrageously.vegetarian !  And you can be a messy as you like, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes on this one.

So cute, so tiny! These handheld pies from projectnourish are a great meal prep option because they're easy to make in bulk and can be paired with salads throughout the week.

Spring berry pie from by_the_mountain made with fresh berries would be amazing but it's still very good and much more convenient with the frozen ones. the filling is amazing with lemon zest, brown sugar and a pinch of cardamom. 

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