painted rocks


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Have you seen painted rocks in your neighbourhood? Family walks have always been a favourite of ours. Whether we are out exploring a local trail of adventuring deep into the woods on a hike. Lately these walks on local neighbourhood trails have become even more important. We are loving the new trend of children painting and hiding painted rocks on our local trail. We jumped in on the idea and we are always looking for more painted rock inspiration. Whether they are simple of more elaborate, painting rocks makes a fun indoor art project that then becomes a family outdoor adventure.

We have even seen instructions on trail heads challenging us to find the "10 sunshine rocks" or "5 Minecraft rocks".  Suddenly a child who may have been less than enthusiastic about a walk is running and giggling along the trail and asking to make their own painted rocks to hide.

what you need:

Thankfully, there isn't a long list of supplies to purchase for painting rocks. your could simply use what ever painting supplies you have on hand.

In general you will need some smooth rocks that are big enough for your picture but small enough to carry easily, acrylic paints, water and brushes as the basics. Other items to make more detailed designs could include pencils for sketching out you ideas and sharpies for outlines and  cleaner writing. For best results and brightest colours, clean your rocks and prime with white paint first and let dry.


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