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Sometimes the spookiest thing about Halloween happens after you bring all that tasty candy home – all those plastic wrappers ending up in our landfills and environment.  But they don’t have to.

You can bring your wrappers to local British Columbia London Drugs location and deposit them with Recycle BC’s ‘Other Flexible Plastics’ program. This is the collection box that accepts harder-to-recycle flexible plastics such as stand-up and zipper lock pouches, crinkly wrappers, chip bags, non food protective packaging and more (see the complete list below)

By collecting your wrappers you are doing your part to keep plastic out of our waste streams. And that can make quite a difference. In 2019 London Drugs collected 46.2 tonnes of other Flexible Plastic Packaging with Recycle BC!

So round up your Halloween candy wrappers, bring them into your local British Columbia London Drugs location and drop them in the Recycle BC box provided. There’s no trick to it at all.

Other Flexible Plastic Packaging Take-Back List (BC Only)

Here’s a more detailed list of Other Flexible Plastics that can be recycled in BC. If you like, you can print off a PDF for handy reference on recycling day. 

Stand up and zipper lock pouches

  • Bags for sugars, oatmeals, grated cheese, coffee and pouches with a zipper lock
  • Deli meat and cheese bags
  • Baby food pouches (leave the cap on)
  • Soap refill pouches (leave the cap on)
  • Plastic pet food bags

Crinkly wrappers and bags

  • Crinkly bags
  • Candy bags
  • Chocolate and candy or energy bar wrappers
  • Dried food and pasta bags
  • Wet wipe bags (including with hard plastic dispenser)
  • Cookie bags
  • Cellophane
  • Foil gift wrap (the plastic kind, not metallic ink on paper)
  • Cheese slice bags (please wash them off!)

Flexible packaging with plastic seal

  • Vacuum seal packaging (please clean out any meat packaging)
  • Flexible packaging with plastic seal (Fresh pasta)
  • Flexible lid with rigid base packages (bologna and some deli meats)
  • Woven and net plastic bags (plastic weave, not burlap)

Non food protective packaging

  • Plastic shipping envelopes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Plastic air packets (e-commerce)
  • Plastic bags with non 2-3-4 resin code
  • Shrink wraps on meats (wash them off please!)

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