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Even when you know it's the right thing to do, change can take time. Moving our home to a more zero-waste model has been an ongoing process for our family. After making progress in some parts of the home, it was time to get serious in the kitchen. So many of the base items that we were buying were overloading our space with single-use plastics, especially since we've been doing a lot of our grocery shopping online these days. We're so glad MapleStaple offered us a chance to test out their service as part of our journey towards zero waste!


MapleStaple is a Vancouver-based company on a mission to make environmentally-friendly shopping accessible & affordable for everyone. They want to help us all save money, reduce overall household waste, and buy local, all in one place! They’ve eliminated the storefront and will deliver bulk staples directly to your door in reusable containers. MapleStaple lends you the containers for free, and when you’re done you leave the empties out to exchange with your next delivery. You can order everything from baking supplies, pantry staples and coffee & tea, to cleaning supplies, personal care items, and snacks & treats with FREE DELIVERY in Greater Vancouver!




Not only was the process of ordering online from a breeze, but the products were fantastic AND the containers were gorgeous! They've made our long-standing dream of having beautiful, coordinated containers for our bulk groceries a reality. We loved that we could schedule our delivery for a day & time that was convenient and that we didn't need a special membership to order. The most important items for us were the spices (bring on the basil!) and baking items (pancake mix & chocolate chips). Our family likes to keep our cooking simple during the weekdays, so staples are always in high demand. Add to that 2 budding bakers in the family and we can never have too many chocolate chips!

We also loved the bathroom & laundry staples. With 7 people living in our home at the moment and 5 of them having long hair, the shampoo & conditioner refills are an amazing service. And the same goes for the refillable bottles of laundry detergent for the mountains of clothes & bedding that get washed here every week. This will definitely cut out a lot of our usual extra plastics and we feel really good about this small step.


Another huge win was discovering that MapleStaple also delivers pet supplies! For our next delivery, we're excited to order food pellets and paper bedding for our two rabbits (Bella & Rose) and to avoid the extra packaging waste that usually comes along with purchasing those items in store. And we've let our other family members and friends know about the food & treats for their dogs & cats, as well as kitty litter


MapleStaple gifted a selection of pantry staples to Healthy Family Living Vancouver.
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