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We can't get enough of these gorgeous smoothie bowls. If you're looking for a healthy breakfast for the family that is a little fancier than your normal weekday smoothie, look no further than a smoothie bowl!

Smoothie bowls can have simple ingredients that are easy to combine and allow for so many wonderful variations. What we love about smoothie bowls is that we can add all sorts of healthy add-ons as toppings - nuts, seeds, coconut & fruit all make great toppings.

And when we're short on time on weekday mornings, we love these ready-to-drink smoothies straight out of the fridge to give us the energy boost we need! 

8 delicious smoothie bowl IDEAS

Some mornings call for color. This bowl from memysmoothiesandlife fuels the soul and this purple makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside!

When a healthy, protein-packed, refreshing & satisfying breakfast comes our way, we jump on it! This gorgeously smooth & creamy smoothie bowl was so easy & quick to make that we had lots of time to play with toppings...and to be honest, that's our favourite thing about it!

We love this vibrant healthy Pina Colada smoothie bowl from mrs_kitchen_fairy. All homemade with NO SUGAR!


Wow! eat_like_swaggeratfrow uses beetroot powder and frozen bananas Topped with strawberries, pomegranate seeds, chocolate mermaid tail and shells. To make this stunning bowl perfect for Valentine's day or any day!

Can never get enough purple! Like this amethyst nicecream bowl from healthyholisticview, creamy, tasty and soo delicious.💜

Beet greens in a smoothie bowl? justbeetitdotcom blew us away with this iron-boost beet greens and mango smoothie bowl with spirulina! Look at that green colour!

Almost too pretty to eat! This gorgeous bowl from kylee_johno is easier to make than it looks, delicious and full of goodness. 🍓🍌🥜🍯🥣

Classic doesn't need to be plain or boring! We agree with pattkla that chickpeas and spices make hummus a perfect dip for any occasion or any day. 

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