In Evergreen, Food, Meal Inspiration, by Kay Protheroe

Cold winter days are always better with a warming soup. Whether for a quick dinner with a sandwich or an easy lunch, these 5 winter soups are healthy choices that are really quick & easy to pull together.

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If your family is busy like ours, you know that a quick warming & healthy dinner is a must-have. Growing up in a sport focused family, there were several nights a week when dinner was a "grab-it-when-you-can" pot of soup. As pre-teens, teens & adults came and went from various activities and sports practices, we could help ourselves to a big bowl of soup, some whole grain bread and salad. Now as a parent, this is again a staple in our home.  Many of the soups that we enjoyed were vegetarian and the protein was boosted by a good amount of beans or lentils. Usually the soup was blended so that the legumes made a rich creamy texture without the need for any cream. The legumes also make the soup very filling and satisfying.

You can make a delicious winter soup out of pretty much any vegetables you have on hand and it is a great way to clear out the fridge or freezer! All you need to start is an onion, a potato, some stock and your choice of  beans or lentil and you are more than half way there.